Montessori inspired activities for children of busy mums

Maria Montessori was an Italian Doctor born in 1870 who dedicated her life to the study of the education of children.

The school of thoughts that she developed (and that takes her name, the Montessori method) puts the child at the centre of the learning environment and lets him explore his environment in a positive way. (more info)

Being a mum of 2 beautiful boys (6 y.o. and 19 months old) and a mumpreneur, I find that the Montessori approach gives me and my children the best of both worlds… I can get on with my bits and pieces whilst the kids get on with their playing and learn from doing it.

My approach is pretty relaxed, I let my children explore their house entirely… the only places that are off limits are cupboards with cleaning products and plugs sockets, which I have covered with plug protectors. Everything else is free for them to explore…

“Isn’t it dangerous?” I hear you saying…

Well, I believe that if something is dangerous like a hot oven, a hot cup of tea etc… if the child himself realises it, he would be discouraged in the future to experience it again. For example, when I have a hot cup of tea or coffee on the coffee table, where my toddler can reach it, I don’t discourage him from touching it. If he shows interest in it (by pointing at it for example) I say: “Hot”, then, if he decides to touch it, he will realise that it is indeed hot and next time, if I say that something is “Hot” he will remember the sensation and will be discouraged from experience it again…

Outdoor inspired activities

Obviously if he tries to actually put his finger inside boiling water, I would stop him, but I believe that it is better that the realisation of danger comes from them rather than it being imposed by an adult.

Here are some of the Montessori inspired activities we do at home:

Indoor and outdoor playing activities:

Both of the children play with water in the garden (when the weather is nice, lately has been lovely) with toys in I, plastic empty bottles (squirty ones, normal ones) etc…

Both water the plants and flowers

They both enjoy playing with shaving foam in a container in the garden with toys in it.

They enjoy writing with chalk on the pavement in the garden

The older one tidies up his room and toys in the living room.

We made homemade playdough (flour, salt, water, veg. oil, food colouring, essences -optional-)

We dance in the living room like crazy to very loud music!!!

They both raw rainbows to stick on the windows (even more relevant in this Covid-19 isolation period)

Children can help in the kitchen

In the kitchen/home:

The little one is allowed to peel his own banana

The big one helps me cutting vegetables when cooking dinner (we cooked a lovely Ratatouille the other day….)

They are both allowed to sweep the floor

They are both allowed to dust the surfaces with a damp cloth (no chemicals or products, just water)

The older one spreads his own butter and jam on his toast

They both help setting the table before meals

The little one loves to play with pots and pans from the cupboard and plastic tubs. He plays with the tinned food in the cupboard too. He loves to stack them one on top of the other.

The big one pours his own water

They both help to empty the washing machine, load the tumble dryer and empty the tumble dryer (the majority of clothes goes on the floor pretty often… but I am cool with that…)

Personal care:

They are both encouraged to blow their noses, wash their hands, brush their teeth and brush their hair

The big one chooses his outfit every day

The little one is encouraged to put his own shoes on – the big one knows how to do it.

Mums, remember…! The focus is not for them to do the job so you don’t have to do it… the focus is for them to practice independence and gaining satisfaction from completing a task.

Look at it as an investment… they are learning the skills now so one day it will be beneficial for them (and for you!). Let them help you with things!

By taking responsibility for their own actions, the child will learn that he is needed in the family and that his effort is appreciated. This will encourage self esteem and self-development. He will also improve his language skills and concentration.

My children are free to explore their surroundings freely, but my beady eye is always on them… they are safe to learn but “under supervision”… at the end of the day… they are still children!




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Why becoming a Digital Entrepreneur is your next best move

The world’s economy is moving online…

Big retailer’s names shutting down and re-opening in an “online version”, new companies are being born online, new Entrepreneurs developing digital skills for the online market, becoming Digital Entrepreneurs…

Why is everything online? Why if you don’t have an online website or any kind of online presence (social media, blog etc…) you are not up to date with the times?

Well… our society is changing… it has started changing a while ago already, but now, with Covid 19 especially, the push toward the online world is becoming impossible to ignore… WHY?

The online world offers several positive aspects in comparison to the “normal world”:

  • No rent

Online retailers don’t have to pay physical rent for their shop, don’t have to pay big bills (water and heating for example) and don’t necessarily have to have employees

  • Freedom to work from anywhere and at anytime

The online lets you connect with the whole world from anywhere in the world…that being an office, your bedroom, a beach…anywhere and at any time! As long as a computer and an internet connection are available!

  • The ability to reach anyone in the world and be reached by anyone in the world
Digital Entrepreneur

Online businesses can buy and sell to anyone in the world! Can the old brick and mortar shop do that? Hhmmm… nope! It doesn’t matter where you live, a big city or a small village in the middle of nowhere, your customer can reach you!

So, it only makes sense, if you want to become an entrepreneur, to become a Digital one, a Digital Entrepreneur!

What are the skills required?

Well, I would say that the biggest skill set that you need to become a digital entrepreneur is MINDSET.

If you arrive thinking you will exploit the internet opportunity, make a lot of money and bugger off, well… you might do it, if you are lucky, but the chances are that you will loose all your riches at the same speed as you have accumulated them.

In my experience, you need a “long run” kind of mentality, you need to be able to see your “Why”, your reason behind doing what you are doing…

This way, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” like Billy Ocean and Boyzone say… 😉 !

The second most important skill is to learn Digital Marketing and master the techniques.

Why becoming a Digital Entrepreneur is your next best move

Learning about the internet and Online business is a steep learning curve, but not different from learning any other kind of job!

The difference with this tho, is that once you have learned and mastered the techniques of Digital Market and you become a Digital Entrepreneur, you will be able to apply those techniques in any fields of your choosing and you will be able to leverage the internet and the online space to your benefit.

For example, one can learn all there is to learn about how to sell physical product online, maybe through Amazon, to then decide to use that knowledge to help other companies and become therefore a Consultant.

Once the online marketing skills have been mastered, one can pivot where to use them.

Where do I start?

When you have made your mind up and decided you want to become a Digital Entrepreneur, the most important thing to do is get Mentorship and Coaching by someone who has done it ALREADY!!! Join a community that offers you training, coaching, peer support, mentor support… A huge growing is required and doing it alone is a billion time harder…!

Sfm (Six Figure Mentors) was absolutely perfect for me! I have found so much available to me all of a sudden! A huge door opened for me, I was astonished!

First of all there are some basic modules that will take you through the principles of Online Marketing and all the fundamentals, then after that, tons and tons of specific training, webinars, peers support and guidance from successful Entrepreneurs and last but certainly not least, a great and extremely welcoming community!

No previous experience is required, just willingness to become your own boss and start writing your own pay checks!

The gold rush of the digital era is to learn and understand the digital economy!

To start your learning now, click the blue button here below, enter your name and your e-mail address so that I can send you a free video series, the same one I received when I decided to start my journey!




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5 tips to getting started with online marketing

Who needs to know about online marketing?

Is it super geeky stuff that no-one cares about?

Well… I thought that much until not long ago… before entering the world of online business…

Getting started with online marketing is something that is paramount if you are doing online business, but it is also extremely important to master if you are involved in normal, off-line business (shops etc…)

If you have just started contemplating starting an online business, this is the article to read, let me show you 5 tips that helped me getting started online…

Tips to get started with online marketing
  1. Find what you want to do, what is your passion?

First of all you need to have a passion! Any kind of passion! It’s YOUR passion at the end of the day!!! Try to think of something that you really love, the kind of thing that you could talk to a friend hours upon hours upon hours… until someone tells you to stop…! Yes, that sort of passion is great!

Don’t tell me you don’t have any passions?

That is possible tho… and unfortunately quite common as well…

The daily life, the 9-5, the commitments society puts on us have done so that we have actually forgotten what we like… How crazy is that???

What did you like as a child? Or what did you hate? Passions can be both something we have always loved and we still love today, or something we used to hate but we have mastered overtime… Anything that brings out STRONG FEELINGS in you…

2. Avatar= Your customer/market

Once you have identified your passion, define who your customers are.

Who are you talking to? What are their common traits?

Your ideal client is sometimes defined as an Avatar (yes, like the movie 😉 )

Try to find out what their problems are and how you could help to fix them…

What do you have in common with them? Have you been in their shoes? Can you relate? Let them know! They will appreciate the person behind the brand! Never forget that people buy and follow people, not products!

Try and find out where they hang out… on the online space… (…) do they watch YouTube? Are they more on Facebook? Instagram? Find out where they are… cause they are out there!

Doing online researches

3. Do your researches and start creating

Research is key… in any situation! Work smarter, not harder!!! This is what research will help you to achieve…

Yes, researches can be very time consuming, especially if you are researching something completely new, but trust me… it’s an investment! Once you’ll have your researches done, you will know more about your niche, more about the trends, and more about how you would like to position yourself in the market!

With that said, make sure not to stagnate in your researches and not move forward…. Oh no… You don’t want to do that! After some initial researches, start MAKING!!! Getting started with online marketing means starting to create, starting to learn! Become comfortable with being uncomfortable! This will happen…! You will feel strange because you are stepping out of your comfort zone, out of what you know, out of what you have always done and feel happy with … but just because it feels scary at first it does not need it can not become comfortable one day! Actually, the more you do things that scare you, the more you will stretch your comfort zone, and in 6-months to 1 year you will do things on a daily base that you never thought you would do…

4. Work on your mindset

This is HUUUUUUGE!!!! I have already written a few posts about mindset (and I will write more… don’t fear…) a positive mindset is so important for a healthy life! Whatever you do!

We must be gentile with ourselves, especially us mums! We always wear so many hats with being a mum, a role model, a wife, a cleaner, a councillor… everything! And do we give ourselves credit for that? Hmmm… not that much…

We need to realize we are doing the best we can and that we are doing a great job!!! We should repeat it to ourselves every morning! Positive affirmations are amazing! Give them a try!

Adding getting started with online marketing on top of all that seems crazy right? It’s like adding fuel to a fire, and yet, there is something inside of us saying: “You can do it…” 

“If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hands” (Bob Proctor)

By following your dreams you’ll find strength in yourself, strength in your beliefs!

Set your mind on your goals, on your “Why” and if you ever find yourself doubting if you should carry on, remind yourself of them, of your “Why”!

Visualize your future self, that version of you that has achieved everything that you want to achieve and feel those feelings! Our brains can not differentiate between a real memory and a “fake” one! So, by feeling the feelings you are telling your brain that you are there already! Brains are creatures of habits and what you believe will start to feel more and more real to you and it will eventually become your reality….

You have an enormous power! Your mindset! Tune it to positivity and success and you will get there!

5. Learn-Do-Teach

This is something that I learned in my online marketing journey and I am applying it as much as I can.

It’s a tough one because it pushes you to actually do things…

It’s all about LEARNING new skills first, they can be anything! From learning something brand new all together, to refining your existing skills, and anything in between…! The important is to learn something you didn’t know before… Even if it is something very small, maybe something shifted in your way of thinking… that is exactly what learning is about!

Once you learn it, you need to DO it! This is where it starts to get a bit complicated and we start stepping out of our comfort zone…

There is no use to learn all the lovely new things you are learning if you are never going to take action on them!

Start taking imperfect action! You will get better with time! Also, very important, give yourself time to grow! Be patient!

By having a forgiving mentality, you will allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them… If you don’t make any mistakes it means you are not moving forward…

And the final part is to TEACH…

Teach what?

What you have learnt and what you did! (see above)

Learn-Do-Teach, one of the principles to get started with online marketing

Teach can also be intended as “Share”.

Share what you have learnt with a friend, with your kids, with your spouse, on social media…

By teaching/sharing you make that subject “yours” as you are putting your own personal spin on it! Not anybody else’s! It’s what you have taken from the lesson you have learnt, which will be different from anyone else as you are unique! The more you share something, the more you understand it, the more facets you will discover and therefore the more you will grow.

I hope you have found this article useful and believe me… this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Getting started with online marketing has helped me so much to discover things about myself that I didn’t even know! Your internal and personal growth plays such an important part in your online success, that is why it’s so important to be part of a community to support you and show you the way.

My community is definitely the Sfm! The support I have received, from mentors to other people on their journey like me, it’s invaluable!

If you feel like you are at the right point in your life to start something new but feel a bit unsure, please click the button here below and I will send you the same video series I received when I first started… I also did not have ANY previous experience in online business or online marketing! Or if you want, send me a message or an e-mail and I will be more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have.




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5 Super easy family meals that your kids will love

In this crazy forced quarantine period, our life as mums has become even more challenging…

Make sure the kids are not bored, learn something every day, do exercise, don’t kill their siblings (if any), clean the house, cook… the list goes on…

For this week’s post I wanted to share 5 super easy recipes for family meals that we absolutely LOVE!!! They are very simple, quite quick and I hope they will take some of the pressure off your shoulders when it comes to: “What shall I cook for dinner???”

All the measurements are for 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) and possibly a bit more… 😉 Remember to add some lovely veggies to your main to make it go further and be more healthy!

Here they are:

  1.  Mac and cheese

This is one of my favourite recipes -ever-!!! And it’s so simple to make!

Ingredients: 700 ml whole milk, 450 ml of water, 400 grams of small pasta (macaroni works best, hence the name Mac and cheese… 😉 ), 1 teaspoon of salt, freshly ground black pepper (to taste), 2 cups of freshly grated strong cheddar, 1 teaspoon of dry mustard powder (optional)

Method: Add the pasta, the milk, ½ of the water, salt and pepper to a pan, put on a medium/low heat and stir often to avoid the pasta sticking to the bottom of the pan. Bring to boil and cook for about 8-10 minutes. As the pasta cooks, it will absorb the water, if needed (during the 8-10 min.) add more water a very small amount at the time. Once the pasta is cooked, remove it from the heat, add the cheese gradually, stirring after every addition and making sure the cheese is melted thoroughly. Add the mustard powder (if using). Enjoy immediately!

2. Hidden veg burgers

This recipe is great as it adds vegetables to a classic -burger- without losing its charm…

The same recipe works also as “egg free” I have modified as my son suffers from eczema and eggs are one of his “reactor food”

Ingredients: 500 gr of minced beef, 50 gr of breadcrumbs (either pre-packed one or you can wizz one of the top/bottom slices of a loaf of bread rather than throwing them in the bin or giving them to the birds…), 1 grated carrot, ½ teaspoon of garlic powder, ½ teaspoon of onion powder, ½ teaspoon of salt, ¼ cup of milk OR 1 egg (my son has eczema and eggs are one of his triggers, so I have substituted the egg for milk, the recipe works either ways with one ingredient [milk] OR the other [1 EGG] don’t use both… 😉 )

For serving: 6 buns (white or brown), lettuce, sliced cheddar, sliced tomatoes, sauces (tomato ketchup, mayo etc…) of your liking

Method: Wash your hands and mix all the ingredients in a bowl, making sure everything is thoroughly combined. Still with your hands, get small amount of mixture, the size of a golf ball and shape them in a circular shape, like a burger. Don’t worry if they are not perfectly round, they won’t be!!! Get a pan nice and hot, put some seeds oil (or coconut oil or Frylight) and place your burgers in it. Turn the heat down to low so the burgers will cook and not burn. Turn them often, the size will dictate how long will they take to cook. To check if they are ready, take one and cut it in the middle, if the mince is still pink it will need longer. They should take around 15 minutes to cook.

Serve them in your bread roll with your favourite garnishes and sauces.

3. “Magic Potion” slow cooker chicken

I have actually invented this recipe… I have named it “Magic Potion” as I just mixed some of the ingredients I had in my cupboard, chucked them in the slow cooker and hoped for the best… and it did work!!!

Ingredients: 4 chicken legs, 50 ml of reduced-salt soy sauce, 3 tbsp of Worcester sauce, 2 tbsp of honey, 2 tsp of sundried tomato pesto, 2-3 garlic cloves (either leave them whole so you can remove them at the end or cut them small so they will disappear but still give flavour ), 2 celery stalks cut in small chunks, 2 tbsp of frozen onion, a handful of frozen peas.

Method: Put all of the ingredients together in the slow cooker and cook on High for 3 hours or on Low for 6 hours. That’s it 😉!

4. Fish pie -the easy one-

I absolutely LOVE fish pie!!! And this is my favourite one!!!

Ingredients: 1kg of potatoes peeled and cut in big chunks, 400 ml of milk plus a splash, 25 gr of butter, 25 gr of plain white flour, 2 tbsp of frozen onions, 1 pack of frozen fish pie mix (normally they are around 300-400 gr), 1 tsp of Dijon mustard, a handful of frozen sweetcorn, a handful of frozen peas, a handful of grated cheddar.

Method: Turn your oven on to 200 C. Put the peeled and cut potatoes in enough cold water till they are covered. Bring them to boil and cook till tender. Once soft drain them, mash them and keep them aside. Whilst the potatoes are cooking start preparing your roux sauce (don’t worry, it’s a fancy name but it’s very easy!). Put a saucepan on low heat, add your butter, the frozen onion and half of the flour, mix with a whisk, add the rest of the flour and start adding the milk slowly. Stir constantly so that you incorporate the milk with the butter and flour forming a lovely sauce (your roux!). Once you have used all the milk, keep cooking it for another 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly to avoid sticking to the bottom. Your roux should be nice and thick, don’t worry about any lumps. Remove from the heat and add the frozen fish, frozen sweetcorn, frozen peas and the mustard. Mix them well and transfer to an oven proof dish. Spoon the mashed potatoes on top of the fish and sprinkle with the grated cheese.

Transfer to the oven and cook for 25-30 minutes or until golden.

5. Chocolate salami

This one is a classic memory of my childhood! By the way, it’s a dessert, nothing to do with meat! It’s called “salami” because of its “salami like” look and shape…

Ingredients: 200 gr of biscuits (any plain white biscuits will work, Nice, Rich Tea, Malted, etc…), 150 gr of sugar, 150 gr of butter (needs to have been out of the fridge for a few hours so it’s nice and soft), 1 egg, 2 tbsp of cocoa powder, 1 to 2 tsp of chocolate spread.

Method: Crush the biscuits to medium/small bits. The children can help with this step. Our favourite “crushing method” is to put the biscuits in a clean tea towel, hold the 4 corners (so the all the biscuits are inside) and whack it with a rolling pin!!! Add the sugar, egg, butter and mix with a spoon or with washed hands! Add the 2 tbsp of cocoa powder, the chocolate spread and and mix again. As you mix, the butter will melt a bit and will help incorporate all of the ingredients. Take a long piece of cling film, put your mixture in, and start giving the mixture the shape of a salami (a longish shape, like a sausage). Close the ends of the cling film folding it on itself and put the chocolate salami in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours. Remove from the fridge, discard the cling film and dust with icing sugar. Enjoy!!!!

I hope you will give these recipes a try and I hope you and your family will enjoy them! Let me know in the comments!

If you would be interested in pursuing an online business based on your passions (like me!) click on the button here below and leave your details! I will be more than happy to send you the same free video courses I received when I first started 🙂




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Mummy, do we have time for porridge???

Reflection on how the forced reclusion is helping us to realise the powers we have been (willingly or not) give away to society. Reassess what is important.

This is a question that my son, aged 5 1/2 asked me yesterday… it made me think…

Normally, upon waking up, I ask my son what he would prefer to have for breakfast, the choices are normally cereals, toast or porridge.

Porridge takes a long time to cook but it’s healthy and he loves it as his Karate instructor says that porridge is the “Breakfast of Black Belts” 😊 and he likes to see himself as a future Black belt…

Although porridge is a great and nutritious breakfast, I sometimes find myself saying “…Sorry darling, we don’t have time for making porridge today…you need to get ready for school…”

I have never paid much attention to this before yesterday… it was just a matter of fact; we just didn’t have enough time to prepare porridge as we had to get ready to go to school… Maybe he slept in those 10 minutes, maybe his brother was crying and I had to attend to him… for whatever reason, we did not have enough time to cook the porridge… I am sure we have all been there.

But yesterday something was different and made me stop and think…

With the current Coronavirus outbreak, we have all been asked to do our bit and stay at home for the welfare of the nation, the NHS, and most of all for ourselves! Schools are closed, who can work from home has been doing so, etc… the whole world is slowing down.

Life as we knew it has changed…and I think it has changed for the better…

Before, when my son asked for porridge for breakfast, it was just a “No, sorry love, we don’t have time…” but WHY don’t we have time?

Why is society restricting us to obey to rigid schedules, timings, dictating what we can and cannot do… when did we agree to give society so much power over our lives?

Isn’t this OUR life? Aren’t WE supposed to make the decision of what makes us happy? Well… it looks like we have all forgot about that, me included…

Life is slowing down now so that we can appreciate what we have (willingly or not so willingly) traded away for a place in society, starting from something so simple as “what do I have time to prepare for breakfast”.

What if we all stop and use this time to reflect on “How are we using the time we have in our lives”?

What will our answers be? I am scared to even begin thinking of that…

Do we use society to hide ourselves and avoid the big questions of our lives? Who are we? What is our purpose? Why are we here?

Heavy questions, right?? “Oh… not sure… well… I have to go to work now…”

Or: “…Yes… I should really start to think and consider what really makes me happy… but now I have to go get ready pick the kids up from school…”

I am not saying I have all the answers, if anything I have even more questions than before… but by slowing my life down, all these questions are starting to emerge, and I have realised that if I want, now I have the time to stop and think at them… and maybe starting to find an answer to them… starting finding meaning to my life.

For once in our lives, we are not forced to rush here and there, forgetting those big questions and putting them in the backburner… if we want, we can face those big questions now… Now is the time… when would this happen again? Hopefully never… hopefully we will never be forced to remain in our homes again, but I also hope that people will start to see this as an “alternative way of life”. We can take our time to do things, we should at least try!

It’s our life! Let’s live it on our terms!!! If we don’t it will be a waste of life… a life spent following the hypothetical carrot on a stick…

Do what makes YOU happy! Follow your passions! Live life at your PACE!




If you feel inspired to start living life to YOUR rhythm l and by following your passions, click the pink button here below and start your journey!

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Interview with Veronica Patic on Motherhood, family relationships, issues when working from home & raising a family and home schooling

Yesterday I did my first ever interview! It was with the lovely Veronica Patic and we explored together themes like Motherhood (tips and suggestions), working from home whilst raising a young family, home schooling in these times of self-isolation. I hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think of it!

Lots of love



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Struggles of a want-to-be mumpreneur…

You have an idea, you manage to create a website, a bespoke e-mail address… and then?

“Well…people will surely flock to my website as my idea is so good…!”

Sorry to burst your bubble… they won’t…

I can say it because this is what is happening to me right now, this is where I am in my journey of becoming a Mumpreneur.

If you are new to this word, Mumpreneur it’s a merge of the word Mum and the word Entrepreneur.

Being a Mumpreneur is something I am extremely passionate about. I feel that many women have great ideas of what they would like to do in their lives, what they would like to achieve, but once they become mothers, all those lovely ideas get put in the backburner as the family life starts taking over.

Flowers next to a candle with the writing “Have a dream”

My mission is to show other mums that this does not have to be the case! Just because it’s what everyone does (or at least, the majority of people) it’s not set in stones and it does not have to be the norm for everyone.

I have been a mum for nearly 6 years now and when my first son was born, I returned to work after my maternity leave. I hated being at work and being away from my little one… but back then I thought that I had no other choice…

When my second son was born, I had a different prospective, I decided I would have not gone back to work and that I would spend time with him.

Staying at home with my baby was obviously amazing, but I started craving for more… I thought to myself… “what if I could be able to get the best of both world? Staying at home with my baby AND earn an income by doing something I really enjoy?

I started scouting the internet and I discovered the SFM community. SFM (Six Figure Mentors) is an educational company that helps people create an online business around their passions, no previous knowledge needed.

After following the modules, in a couple of weeks I had managed to create my website and even a bespoke e-mail address… This is pretty remarkable for me as I am someone that when got her first pc and printer (at the age of 12-13) I had to ask my mum to stay with me whilst PRINTING because I was scared to break the printer… I know… So, getting all set up on my own (following the procedures by video) was quite an achievement…

That brings me to today… I have my website, my social media accounts and I am trying to spread my message… You’ll probably think it’s counterproductive to me to tell you about my struggles, but as I said before, my mission is to help mums! And if anyone decides to embark in this lifechanging adventure, they’ll know that I have also been there, and I know how that feels…

Starting a blog can be daunting because you expose yourself to the world and fear judgement… We don’t want to be judged… or maybe just when we are sure we are doing things 100% right 😉 But that’s the beauty of it… exposing yourself means learning something new about yourself, learn how you react to things, teaches you trust yourself and believe in yourself!

Since starting this journey, I can’t tell you how many times I said to myself: “I can’t do this… this was a stupid idea…! What am I trying to demonstrate here??? I’ll never have time to write another post or to do join the next webinar… I have two children to look after…!!!” And then… after a bit of reflection, a bit of meditation, a bit of checking in with myself, I always find a way to do it… even if it’s 22.23 and I am still typing away the blog post I was supposed to have finished by midday today… but… hey, did not manage earlier because I had to take my son to school (the last time for a while now probably… beginning of Coronavirus restriction here in the UK…), I had to prepare lunch, I had to clear the kitchen… all things that  you, mums, are probably very familiar with… but now, it’s 22.25 the kids are in bed and I can do something for myself, something I enjoy, something that makes me feel happy and that (hopefully) you will find of value and will help at least 1 person! That’s my hope!

So… without further ado… I’ll conclude by saying that it doesn’t matter if you are a mum, a grandma, an auntie, if you have children or not, if your children are young or grown up… if you want to do something in your life… YOU GO AHEAD AND DO IT!!!! It’s never too late and if you really want something…you will find a way…!!!

Lots of love



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Why I travelled all the way to the Gold Coast -Australia- for only 1 day…

Errrmm… because you are crazy??? Yep… I have heard that a few too many times lately… But let me explain the real reason…

World map London-Singapore (first stop)

3 months ago I have decided to sign up to an online education company called Six Figure Mentors (Sfm) as I wanted to change my life and improve my financial situation. I am a mum of 2 beautiful boys, one is 18 months and the other one is nearly 6 years old. I love them and my husband more than life itself but I realised I need to feel fulfilled as a person.

Joining the Sfm made me realise that we all have something of value to offer to the world, building my website and starting to understand about online marketing made me understand that I have so much potential and I would be doing a disservice to myself and to other people if I was not to live my life to the full.

Around 1 month ago I heard in the community of a great gathering called Momentum Day that was going to happen in the Gold Coast, Australia. I immediately felt drawn to it but how on earth could I afford to go to Australia???? I have always wanted to go there but never been able to do it…

Starting the 24h journey

I have started to change the way I think about life, started practicing the Law of Attraction , started thinking I can manifest the things I want in my life by thinking about them and feeling as if I already have them.

I have started thinking I wanted to manifest some extra funds to allow me to go to Australia and attend Momentum Day, I have thought about it every day for 2 weeks (at least) and then…the magic happened… I actually received some money out of the blue… I was astonished…

I immediately booked my flights (I already booked a hotel room even before getting the money… it was a refundable one, but I think it really gave me a push to want it even more…!)

Eventually, the day came when I left for Australia… I was starting to get a bit worried about the long journey, being on a plane for many many hours (the longest flight I have ever done was 4 hours…) and being away from my family…

I decided not to get overwhelmed and that I would only think about “the next step”, like getting on the first plane, then once I was there I would think of when we would get some dinner and so forth (airplane food was amaaaaazing!!! I really enjoyed it!!! And I didn’t have to cook for once!!!; ) ). I think this really helped…

Once I eventually arrived to the Gold Coast I was so impressed with myself! I knew I would make it! And I was finally living the image I created in my life, of me walking into my hotel!!!

After a shower and some lovely lunch (or dinner… depending what time zone you refer to…) I decided to have a look around Surfers Paradise and the hotel where Momentum Day was going to take place the day after.

I walked into the hotel… a bit unsure… not sure where the reception was but the bar was there…so I thought “I’ll go there and ask for info…” and there he was… Mr. Jay Kubassek, only the Co-founder of Sfm!!!!

I could not believe my eyes!!!

I hardly slept for 24 hours, a bit jetlagged, not really feeling worthy of speaking to him…but I thought: “This is why I travelled to the other side of the world!!! To meet him and the other Sfm leaders, learn from them and show my appreciation! Go and talk to him!!”

And so I did… I sheepishly approached him and introduced myself… He was very kind and seemed very impressed with my dedication and the courage to travel such a long way for such a short period of time…

I told Jay how much being there for Momentum Day meant to me and how glad I was that I did it! I explained that although I joined Sfm not that long ago, I really felt I resonate with their message of “Living your best life”! At the end of the day, it’s our life, we make the decisions that shape it! There is no good or bad fortune in life, it’s all about what you do with what you have been given! Even something terrible could turn out to be a blessing in disguise or something that will change you and make you a better person in the future!

After my little chat with Jay (as you do…) I decided to explore a bit more my surrounding, I had to see the Ocean!!! I walked there (oh, by the way, I forgot to say that I can’t read maps… so everywhere I go is “mapless”, I get lost most of the time…but I always get there in the end…).

Taking my shoes off and walking on the soft white sand felt like such a blessing… I was trying to take in as much as possible, the sand, the waves, the people, the surfers, the wind, the skyscrapers, the excitement… I wanted to take in EVERYTHING!!!! I walked in the water and it was so gorgeous and warm the perfect temperature!!!! (I hate cold water and normally the sea is cold… so it was a nice surprise!!!) I felt so so so happy!!! I followed my instinct and I got there!

The day after (after a nice long deeeep sleep) it was Momentum Day. I could not believe it!! I was so excited!!! When I got there for registration, so many fellow Sfm-ers were there already and everyone was smiling and happy to start a conversation! I felt at home, so relaxed and so excited at the same time!

The whole day was a massive high of emotions, from everyone… I cried at a certain point… just too much emotion, positive emotions…! Everyone was being honest and vulnerable as we all knew we were in a safe environment to express our feelings… It was so liberating…

I plucked the courage to speak to Stuart Ross, the other Co-founder of Sfm and I explained to him my vision and the message I want to bring to the world, about empowering mums (like me) to live their best lives and not let motherhood define and limit them! He was very supportive and reinforced my feelings of “having made the right choice…”

The whole day came and went in what seemed to be a flash, a beautiful flash of emotions and joy. The conversations I had with everyone there (not just the leaders) have been eye-opening and made me believe that we can all follow our paths if we just believe in ourselves a bit more and do not let society shape our future…

So, if you resonate with any of the above and would like to know more, please get in touch with me directly or just click the pink button here below. I can’t wait for you to start living your best life…. Where will it take you?

Lots of love



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Why should we practice SELF LOVE

Red roses

A few days ago was Valentine’s Day 2020… Did you receive flowers? Chocolate? If yes, who gave them to you? Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Your spouse?

What if you gave them to yourself?

-Whaat????? Don’t be ridiculous…..!!!! Why should I be spending money on myself???-

Because you are the most important person in the World!!!

Loving yourself is really important and it’s the base of a happy life, healthy relationships, success in your work field…and yet…so many people think it’s a lot of rubbish…

What is self-love?

Self-love is loving the self, putting yourself before other people.

Hart shape

I know it sounds pretentious and selfish, but as they say: “You can’t pour from an empty glass…!”

Putting yourself in front of others does not mean being horrible to other people, or ignoring them… it means not being horrible to yourself and not ignoring your needs!

Self-love means taking care of yourself, make sure you are happy, relaxed, rested… I know… as a mum this is all that we are NOT, but practicing self-love means make sure you include these things in your day… and… most important… you don’t feel guilty for it…!

Practicing self-love means allowing yourself to calm your mind, do some meditation, have a relaxing soak, go for a walk… do something just for yourself! Without the kids, the dog, the cat, the goldfish or anybody else….!

Self-love means loving yourself the same way you love your children and attend to your needs the same way you would do with theirs… Mama, you are sooooo important!!!! Your family depends on you, that is why you have to make sure you are 100%! For them and more importantly… for YOU!

Why do people think that they should not practice self-love?

I don’t know…! It’s beyond me…!!!

I believe that society makes us always look at other people, for good behaviours, and for bad ones… In the news, there is always someone worse off than you and in the magazine, there is always someone better off than you…

Everything is always out there… we are pushed to look and pay attention to the others, so much so that we grow up completely ignoring ourselves…

Relaxing bath time…

We don’t think we are important… as teenagers, we think our friends are more important than us, as grown up we think our children or our spouse are more important than us, even our pets are more important than us…!

We should go back to our baby years… babies have it all figured out…! As babies, if you take my toy, I’ll take it back because it was mine! My needs are as important as yours (I want to play with that toy) but then it seems that growing up we forget that…

Why should we practice self-love?

Self-love is the base of true happiness… without self-love your happiness will always depend on “something else”.

Society tells us that happiness is to be found in things, places, other people…“That next job will make me happy… that new relationship will be exactly what I need to feel loved… I can’t wait for that holiday to be happy…”

This is where we go wrong… whilst we keep on searching for our happiness “Out there” we will never find it… Happiness is not in things or people… they come and go… happiness is within ourselves and practicing self-love is exactly what we need to start realising it!

I started practicing self-love around 20 years ago after something traumatic happened to my life… at this point I realised that I could either live my life the way I wanted or I could live it the way other people expected me to live it… Guess what I chose…?

Yes, I decided to live my dream and move to a different country, I had my whole family against me (I believe they were worried more than anything else) but I still did what I wanted to do. My decision did not hurt them, I made sure it wouldn’t, then I just went for it!

I put my needs first, I practiced self-love and I am so happy I did it!

The more you take care of yourself, the more you nurture your inner-self and realise you are soooo important! You are the most important person in the world!!!

Books, macarons, candles… relaxing time

Keep on growing

Practicing self-love also means allowing yourself to follow your passions and allowing yourself to become the person you were born to be! I realised that I have still so much more to give and so much more to achieve, that is why I have started self-educating online and creating my own online business through the SFM community.

If you are ready to start practicing a bit of self-love and re-discover your dreams and your true potential, click the “Start Here!” button here below to start your new adventure. You are soooo worth it!!!

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