Why becoming a Digital Entrepreneur is your next best move

The world’s economy is moving online…

Big retailer’s names shutting down and re-opening in an “online version”, new companies are being born online, new Entrepreneurs developing digital skills for the online market, becoming Digital Entrepreneurs…

Why is everything online? Why if you don’t have an online website or any kind of online presence (social media, blog etc…) you are not up to date with the times?

Well… our society is changing… it has started changing a while ago already, but now, with Covid 19 especially, the push toward the online world is becoming impossible to ignore… WHY?

The online world offers several positive aspects in comparison to the “normal world”:

  • No rent

Online retailers don’t have to pay physical rent for their shop, don’t have to pay big bills (water and heating for example) and don’t necessarily have to have employees

  • Freedom to work from anywhere and at anytime

The online lets you connect with the whole world from anywhere in the world…that being an office, your bedroom, a beach…anywhere and at any time! As long as a computer and an internet connection are available!

  • The ability to reach anyone in the world and be reached by anyone in the world
Digital Entrepreneur

Online businesses can buy and sell to anyone in the world! Can the old brick and mortar shop do that? Hhmmm… nope! It doesn’t matter where you live, a big city or a small village in the middle of nowhere, your customer can reach you!

So, it only makes sense, if you want to become an entrepreneur, to become a Digital one, a Digital Entrepreneur!

What are the skills required?

Well, I would say that the biggest skill set that you need to become a digital entrepreneur is MINDSET.

If you arrive thinking you will exploit the internet opportunity, make a lot of money and bugger off, well… you might do it, if you are lucky, but the chances are that you will loose all your riches at the same speed as you have accumulated them.

In my experience, you need a “long run” kind of mentality, you need to be able to see your “Why”, your reason behind doing what you are doing…

This way, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” like Billy Ocean and Boyzone say… 😉 !

The second most important skill is to learn Digital Marketing and master the techniques.

Why becoming a Digital Entrepreneur is your next best move

Learning about the internet and Online business is a steep learning curve, but not different from learning any other kind of job!

The difference with this tho, is that once you have learned and mastered the techniques of Digital Market and you become a Digital Entrepreneur, you will be able to apply those techniques in any fields of your choosing and you will be able to leverage the internet and the online space to your benefit.

For example, one can learn all there is to learn about how to sell physical product online, maybe through Amazon, to then decide to use that knowledge to help other companies and become therefore a Consultant.

Once the online marketing skills have been mastered, one can pivot where to use them.

Where do I start?

When you have made your mind up and decided you want to become a Digital Entrepreneur, the most important thing to do is get Mentorship and Coaching by someone who has done it ALREADY!!! Join a community that offers you training, coaching, peer support, mentor support… A huge growing is required and doing it alone is a billion time harder…!

Sfm (Six Figure Mentors) was absolutely perfect for me! I have found so much available to me all of a sudden! A huge door opened for me, I was astonished!

First of all there are some basic modules that will take you through the principles of Online Marketing and all the fundamentals, then after that, tons and tons of specific training, webinars, peers support and guidance from successful Entrepreneurs and last but certainly not least, a great and extremely welcoming community!

No previous experience is required, just willingness to become your own boss and start writing your own pay checks!

The gold rush of the digital era is to learn and understand the digital economy!

To start your learning now, click the blue button here below, enter your name and your e-mail address so that I can send you a free video series, the same one I received when I decided to start my journey!




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