Believe in it… Everything is possible…

Today I want to share this video with you. It’s about self belief… If you believe something is possible don’t let anyone else tell you that it isn’t… Follow your heart!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know in the comments here below what you think of it.




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Meditation and the Law of Attraction

In our day and age, more and more people are becoming interested in Meditation and the Law of Attraction. “…I have heard about Meditation but what is the Law of Attraction? Do I need to go and study Law now….?” The answer is simply… “No, don’t worry, you don’t have to study anything…

Lady meditating

Meditation is simply closing your eyes and doing nothing… Easier said than done… believe me! The Law of Attraction is asking the Universe for what you desire, believe that you will receive it, and then receive it! Let me show you in this blog how I came across both Meditation and LoA (Law of Attraction) in my life and how now I could not live without them.


My first experience with meditation was about 10 years ago… I was a bit broken at that time, coming out of a longish relationship, I had to move out of where I used to live and I was unsure about my future… Then a Meditation/Mindfulness course came along and I decided to join up. The aim of the course was to focus on the Present Moment and let go of the chatter that we constantly have going on in our head 24/7. This was an eye-opener! It sounds silly now but I did not realise I had the power to switch off (or at least notice and try to tame) the river of thoughts I had in my brain… at the end of the day, it is my brain! Meditation showed me that by sitting still, focusing on my breath and just observing my thoughts (not restraining them or engaging in them) would help my mind relax…

One of my mentors made an analogy that really stuck with me… here it is: “Our minds are like puppies… they get really excited and jump from one thought to the other… Through meditation, we aim to calm the puppy down and show it how to behave like an obedient and calm dog…”

The first experiences of meditation can be frustrating as our bodies (and minds!) are not used to staying still! The secret is just to find a comfortable position (I find that a comfortable chair or sofa are the best), close your eyes and just don’t do anything… Refrain from moving any part of your body, refrain from scratching that itch (there will always be an itch when meditating… always!!! 😉 ) just let your body sink into a state of relaxation.

Incense burner

It might take a while at the beginning, I would suggest some guided meditation at first. This helps you as you just follow the instruction given. Here is a good one that I do myself: Jack Canfield video -5 min. meditation-

Alternatively, you could just sit and let your mind and body relax in their own time…

Sometimes it will be hard to just “sit and do nothing” at the end of the day we “…ain’t got the whole day to faff around doing nothing… we have houses to clean, children to attend, meals to prepare, etc…” I know… I am there as well… but trust me… even 10 minutes per day will really help you feel more relaxed, happier and more full of energy!

Law of Attraction

I had never heard of the Law of Attraction until 5 months ago when I stumbled upon it by pure chance… (the best things in life happen like this… even meeting your future husband… but that’s another story… 😉 ). I was just browsing the internet looking for some inspirations when I bumped into something that attracted my attention. It was someone talking about this book and a movie called “The Secret”. The name was very intriguing but I did not do anything about it… The seed of doubt was in my head tho’… and I had to check it out… I sat down watching the movie (it’s more a documentary) and things started to make sense… “Could it really be that easy?” I thought to myself? The Law of Attraction states that there are 3 simple steps to achieving anything you want in your life… These are:

  1. Ask for it
  2. Believe in it
  3. Receive it
The Universe in a jar!

It really did sound too good to be true… and why has it never worked before…? I have asked for so many things in my life and I haven’t always received it…?

The trick with the LoA is step number 2… BELIEVE in it… Believe you have it even before you have it! By practice and failure, more practice and a bit more failure, I realised that the LoA works if we believe it will, if we start visualising the life and the things we want… Thoughts are powerful things and they DO become REALITY! Something major just happened to me, I just manifested something that I really put my mind to! I imagined myself being in the place I wanted to be, I smelled the perfumes, I felt the happiness and joy I would have felt when achieving my wish and BAM! For the first time in my life, IT MANIFESTED! I am still in shock and awe! I will tell you more about this in the near future 😉

So, just to re-cap, give meditation a try! Find 10 minutes a day just for YOURSELF and do nothing! Relax your body and mind and wait for the changes to happen! And ASK THE UNIVERSE for the life and things you want. Believe in them, live them, feel them, experience them in your mind and they will become a reality! Thoughts are powerful things!

If you are feeling the power of the present moment and want to act on it, let me show you how I have started to take my life to the next level. Click on the pink “Start Here!” button to get the same free video series I received from my mentor and let’s see where this new adventure takes you. What hidden potential will you uncover?

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5 ways to clean your house naturally with only 3 ingredients

As a mum, I am always looking for ways to keep my family healthy and my home clean without breaking the bank. Since my second child has developed Eczema on his arms and face I am also trying to find new and ingenious ways to clean the house without using dangerous product that might harm him and at the same time harm our planet (all the chemical in a lot of cleaning product are not good for us or for the environment). I have come up with the best 5 ways to clean your house naturally using only 3 everyday ingredients.

The 3 superheroes ingredients are:

  • The Humble White Vinegar
  • Refreshingly Smelling Tea Tree Oil
  • Great for Baking and Cleaning Bicarbonate of Soda

And here are 5 ingenious and eco-friendly ways to use them to clean your house:

  • Tea Tree Oil Toilet air-freshener

For this air-freshener, all you need is a clean and empty spray bottle, water and tea tree oil. Pour 2 cups of water in a spray bottle and add 10 drops of tea tree oil. Give it a good shake and your air-freshener is ready! Keep it handy in the bathroom, give it a shake before using and make sure to write a new label saying exactly what it is, so your guests know as well… 😉 The Tea Tree Oil will sanitise the surfaces as well…

Cleaning mirror with a clean towel
  • Clean mirrors with water and a clean towel

This method is FANTASTIC and it only involves water and a towel. I GUARANTEE the cleanest and streak-free mirrors you have ever had! All you do is wet a corner of your clean towel with water, clean your mirror, paying particular attention to fingerprints, etc…, after the whole mirror is wet, get a dry corner of the same towel and simply dry the water off the mirror! Easy, effective, I guarantee no streaks!

  • Clean your washing machine with Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar

Is your washing machine start to smell a bit moldy? To give it a good deep clean -from the inside- follow these steps: wash and dry the inside rubber of the washing machine, pour 2 cups of vinegar in the drum. Close the washing machine door. DO NOT PUT ANY CLOTHES IN…! In the drawers where you normally put your laundry detergent pour a mixture of ¼ cup of bicarbonate of soda and ¼ cup of water (I normally put it in all the compartment, even the ones I don’t normally use). Close the drawer and run a hot wash. Et voila’! Your washing machine is clean and smells fresh!

  • Water and white vinegar to de-grease the hob
White Vinegar used for cleaning in the kitchen

I absolutely LOVE this! When I first tried this I thought: “This will never work… I will have to scrub my poor little hob like mad…” How wrong was I…! Just mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 liter of water, pour everything in a spray bottle and there you have it! The most powerful de-greaser ever! Just spray your hob with the liquid, leave it to work for a few minutes and then just wipe off!

  • White vinegar soak for showerheads

When your shower head starts to show signs of limescale build-up, simply get a bag (I use a clean freezer bag), pour in 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of water and immerse your shower head making sure the little nozzles/holes are covered with the liquid. Secure your bag around the showerhead with a ribbon or an elastic band and leave overnight. In the morning just rinse off with water.

I hope you find these hacks useful! Have you tried any of them? What did you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!




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Becoming a work from home mum…where my self-discovery started

“Having a baby changes your life…” who agrees with me? Yep… I can see a few raised hands… But having a child does not mean that our life as a person has ended and now we are just to be known as “MUM” forever and ever. In this post, I will share with you why I think that becoming a mum does not mean giving up on yourself but on the contrary, it could be the beginning of discovering your true potential.

Before having my children, I was, like the vast majority of people, working the good old 9-5… It never really even occurred to me that there could be another way… Every time I heard of someone creating a life for themselves I always thought: “…Hmmm… probably they come from a rich family…Who in the real world can afford to follow their dreams?”

My first son

When I fell pregnant with my first son, I still had that mentality, and only 9 months after the little one was born I had to return to work. You can imagine the sadness and the tears (both mine and his, on that first day at nursery and my first day back in the office).

I could not see another way… in our life, we have to work… everyone knows that right? But deep down I started to realise that spending time in the office rather than with my son, paying for somebody else to be with him and basically “do my job as a mum” was wrong…

My second son

By the time I got pregnant with my second son, I knew that there must have been another way… I started my maternity leave quite early due to some health issues and in this time, whilst I was growing and blooming (to say the least…) I started to rediscover myself.

I started following free short courses on the internet, several Universities offer short free courses (a couple of weeks) on the most interesting and thoughts provoking subjects, I have done one on medicine through time (reading about how the Romans dealt with their newborn wasn’t exactly pleasant whilst heavily pregnant…) and my next one would have been about Music-psychology…

I joined a pregnancy yoga class and met other mums to be, it was lovely to be able to talk about common aches and pains and share tips on how to “survive” pregnancy… 😉 The deep relaxation from the classes carried on at home when I started practicing meditation… I did not do anything fancy, no candles, cushions, etc… (you can do it if you want… nothing wrong with that…!) I just closed my eyes and relaxed. The realisation that all I had to do was sit there, doing nothing, allowing all the worry and doubtful thoughts to just slip away from me was immense… Then baby was born…

Lack of sleep… getting to grip with breastfeeding (again… you think when you do it once you then remember… no…not in my case…it felt like I had to start from scratch again…), dealing with the older son trying to kiss the new-born every single second… yes… it was a bit manic… then, to top it all up, my husband got made redundant and we had to move…

The realisation

This is when I realised that there must be more to life than work your socks off for someone else and then be told: “Thank you very much for your hard work, however, we don’t need you anymore…goodbye!”

There are people out there who do what they love and make a living out of it! That sounds much better to me…! I knew I wanted to change, I knew then that I wanted to find out more, I wanted to learn more on how to discover and pursue my dreams…

I started scouting the internet, I learned about self-development, self-love, gratitude, Law of attraction, I watched the movie “The Secret” and it all started making sense… Our purpose in life is to be HAPPY! Not to work 9-5 to make somebody else rich…

I realised I wanted to start an online business reaching out to mums like me who are in the process of “waking up to their full potential”, mums who have more to give, mums who want to show the world that just because they have beautiful children, it does not mean they are not able to still realise their dreams! After all, like Beyonce says: “Who runs the world?” I say: “MUMS”! 😉

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below!

If any of the above resonates with you and would like to find out more about how I have started my online business, click the “Start Here!” pink button here below and I would be more than happy to send you the free video series that I received when I first started. Share with anyone who you think would benefit! Sharing is caring!




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