Why choose Power For Mums? So, you are a mum, that is amazing in itself, but you need to remember that there is so much more to you than “just being a mum”.

Well my next question is what is it that drives you?

What role did you do before you became a mother? What role have you always wanted to have, a Business woman, a Photographer, a Writer, an Entrepreneur?

So, what is stopping you?

I know things can be tough at times, I know that we all get stuck in a rut, trapped in the routine of parenting and time for ‘ourselves’ is something that on occasions can only be dreamt of… But why is this?

Who runs the world? I say Mums!! Amazing people like you that give so much, that always make time for others, that always put them and their needs in front of your own… Well… it is time to take the power back!!

Read on, through my blogs and posts to find out how you too can make time to ensure the balance is returned. To give you the time back to do everything that you wanted to do. To rethink your life, the ways we approach the struggles and to succeed in the role that you have always wanted.




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